Dawn virtual event October 2020

We did it, we went virtual and it was great. Our esteemed panel was insightful, gave heaps of advice and really did inspire us all to think about how we can boost the year ahead.

We have given some takeaways below that came from each of the panels and hope they are useful in the coming months

We hope to see you at the next dawn event our last for 2020 still continuing the theme of boosting the year ahead

The panel

Amanda Davie – Executive Coach, Consultant & Director -Equal Talent Know thyself: develop and hone your self-awareness skill

Gather data: ask for 360 feedback, use your intuition, have difficult conversations that look to find a win: win

Prioritise and work hard on you: Growth doesn’t happen naturally. Dedicate time each month e.g. a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) half day.

Danielle Jeatran – Legal Professional + Entrepreneur – Tremor Video

Acceptance – back in March, we all thought the shutdowns, hand-washing and mask-wearing would be temporary.  We perhaps made moderate adjustments.  Now, it is our new normal. Accept that life is different now. And will be for the foreseeable future. Or possibly, forever. Allow yourself to adjust and craft a life that works for you. Resist the temptation to live in limbo, waiting for things to return to “normal” or at least how they were prior to March 2020

Growth – Allow 2020 be the year you decided to work on yourself and your mindset. Release and let go of limiting beliefs. Let go of fear. Re-think your goals and dare to dream. BIG

Gratitude – “Gratitude is the antidote to almost anything negative in your life” – Ed Mylett. When we live a life of gratitude, we are living in abundance. We shift our mindset to a focus on what being thankful for what we have, rather than dwelling on what we lack. Take inventory of what you are grateful for. Everyday. Become a Gratitude Addict! And allow this to become a daily habit. Journal or meditate on 5 things you are grateful for every morning. Incorporate this into your daily routine. Don’t have one, it’s time to create one! Tony Robbins says of routine generally, “You’ll set a high baseline for the rest of your day so that you can accomplish great things in every other area of your life.”

Claire Parkinson – Head of People – Oddschecker + dawn committee member

Don’t go it alone: ask for help and advice, from your employer, from ACAS, from your friends, colleagues and family. Everyone has a story and, even more so in current times, everyone wants to help

Protect your mental wellbeing: employers are more aware than ever, of the mental health of their employees. If you have a wellbeing offering with work, then utilise it and find out what support your health insurer could provide, or what other benefits you might be entitled to. And if you don’t have a wellbeing offering, ask what your employer could do, or put yourself forward as a Mental Health First Aider.

Listen to the “Squiggly Careers” podcast – they have lots of relevant episodes about designing your work life, applying for new jobs and building career confidence. I’d also recommend the book which runs alongside the podcast and explores the themes in more depth, along with helping you build an understanding of your values and what you really want from your career

Davina Williamson – Talent Search Director – 6 Degrees Talent

Utilise – This year has given us much of the ‘time’ we always said we never had – use it wisely, no one said you have to write a novel, but make sure you leave this year with more than you entered it with – find ways to enrich yourself, use the time you’ve been gifted wisely

Expand – Grow your knowledge, your understanding, your networks, your skills, your interest, your reference points, your sources – there is no need to be completely ignorant of anything with so much access to people and information available

Evolve – Trying to be the best version of a self that doesn’t exist anymore is futile – accept that things have changed and adapt yourself to succeed within the new status quo – identify new ways to achieve your goals and work out whether your goals are even the same anymore will be key to boosting yourself for the year ahead

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