Supercharge your 2019: There’s a special page in **** for women who don’t help other women

In the autumn of 2009, a group of women sat down and imagined a network for the digital adverting industry to help, support and nurture women. A place where across all the divides of the advertising industry that media, creative, client and tech could come together and learn from one another.

In many ways we have made leaps in our network over the last ten years, our topics have diversified, we as women have grown and so have our attendees with us. So much has changed but we are still facing some of the same challenges as women in the workplace….are we as women to blame in some way? Are we supporting each other as much we would like to think and can? Are we seeing a real difference with gender equality? Or do networks need to adapt and see past business and industry to help and support women? What will 2029 look like for you?

Join us on 27th November at Twitter to celebrate 10 years and to assess how far we’ve really come and importantly….what comes next.

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